Domain Name – 5 Amazing Tips to Use When Selecting Your Domain Name

The domain name that you choose can take your online business to an entirely new and higher level. Choose the right name and you can benefit from many different factors that will boost your positioning in the search engines.

Here are 5 amazing tips that you should remember when you carefully select your domain name:

1. Underscores: Don’t try to include an underscore in your domain name, this will have a negative effect on your search engine results and your ability to get type in traffic. One or at most two dashes may be appropriate depending on what keywords you are targeting, but never try to use underscores.

2. Imitation: The domain name for your online business should separate and differentiate yourself from all of your competition. You don’t want to exactly imitate what someone else is doing, because you’ll end up confusing visitors and people will start mixing up the two (or more) websites for each other.

3. Obscure suffixes: The choice is still the most popular and most successful for an online business. are gaining more acceptance, they are still not as valuable as domain name is. Additionally, there is a whole cast of new domain name endings that should be avoided. Keep it simple and classic and always try first for domain.

4. Domain Name Age: Your online business may just be starting out, but when you have had the same domain name for a long period of time you will see added bonuses. A longer lifespan of a domain name adds additional value to your website in the eyes of the search engines, resulting in a higher placement.

5. Repeat Visitors: With a high quality domain name that is targeted and easy to remember you’ll enjoy both more repeat visitors and more type-in traffic. As your site benefits from these statistics, you’ll grow more popular, which will add more relevancy to your page and will help boost your rankings in the search engines.

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