I Will Show You Why Network Marketing Extinguishes The 4 Major Anxieties of Starting a Home Business

I will show you why Network Marketing extinguishes The 4 Major anxieties of Starting a Home Business and why you should open your mind and explore your options.

First off, let me ask a simple question. If you have NEVER been in your own business, online or offline, what is your fear of wanting to be your own boss?

You are not alone with the fears but let me tell you, the following will most likely convert your feelings. Imagine all the barricades were taken away, would you then consider starting your own business?

Amazingly, a survey of several thousand people who had always worked for someone else, 85% said they would rather work for themselves. Lets face it, if your concerns about starting your own business never existed, then you would have no fear of doing so, right?

In my opinion, why wouldn’t everyone want to be in control of their own life, their own paycheck and my all time favorite, work their own hours! Oh my, what a concept.

So lets breakdown the four most common fears that literally STOP people from controlling their own life.

1. I do NOT have the capital to invest in a business venture, it just costs way too much.
2. I do NOT have 80 hours a week to build a business and have to wait 1-2 years to see results.
3. I do NOT want to take the risk of being the majority that fails.
4. I do NOT have the knowledge and or experience on running my own business,after all don’t all business owners have to know:

1. accounting
2. taxes
3. marketing
4. sales expertise

Sadly, most people wished they had started their own business when they were younger but now that they have the responsibilities of Family, mortgage and a few mouths to feed they feel its not a possible reality for them.

With that all being said, if I could show you a way to start your very own business for:

1. under $100.00
2. work for 5-15 hours a week
3. stay at your present job until your business income = your current paycheck
4. continual mentoring, training and support for free would that pique your interest? Of course it would. By the way, there is no catch.
There are several companies out there that WILL tell you:

1. you never have to really work
2. you will make millions in your first 3 minutes
3. there will NEVER be any extra costs

Truth is, Network Marketing is hard work, however, the results are very rewarding. As E.F. Hutton once quoted: “We make money the old-fashioned way, we earn it!”

Hey, if you find a business that makes you millions in your first 3 minutes…please feel free to share, we would all love to know about it:-). On a more serious note, RUN if anyone ever tells you that. It generally takes a few months to show a profit, although,some have pulled it off in as little as a month though.

Lets face it, there will always be extra costs in anything you do should you want to catapult your business.

1. you may want to expand your advertising.
2. you may want to upgrade your computer, printer, etc.
3. you just may want to hire yourself an assistant (that’s a good thing, means you are succeeding)

All of which are great tax deductions, by the way, you would NEVER get these tax deductions working for someone else, just an FYI.

Are you able to now visualize yourself financially free in 12- 36 months with not having to:

1. spend thousands of dollars
2. working it 24/7/365
3. keeping your present job during the growing stages of your business of course you can.

Now here is a scenario that I am sure you will find humorous. You decide to buy your very own Franchise for a mere 1 million dollars. The business fails and you call the Corporate office and ask for a “Return Authorization Number” so you can get your franchise fee back, plus a reimbursement check for all the unsold stock, supplies and all the other expenses you incurred during this venture. Now imagine this scene in your head, there are crazy loud sirens flying past you to resuscitate the corporate officer you spoke too about your request because he lost consciousness from laughing so hard at you or better yet, the little white paddy wagon coming to take you away to your very own padded room with a designer jacket that hugs you all the time.

Now, in Network Marketing that would never happen because its the law. A legitimate, legal Network Marketing company has the ability to refund a failed distributor on all product and marketing materials that can be resold, minus 10% restocking and processing fees.

Hows this for some positive reinforcement for you to ponder:

1. Donald Trump just bought a Network Marketing Company
2. Robert Kiyosaki supports the Network Marketing Industry and encourages people to get involved
3. Warren Buffet now owns Pampered Chef

Lets listen to what Donald and Robert have to say in this video

OK so there you have it! Are you still anxious, fearful,afraid, alarmed, biting nails, butterflies, concerned, disquieted, doubtful, feel in bones, foreboding, frozen, get vibes, have a hunch, have cold feet, have funny feeling, have stage fright, hung up, in a cold sweat, in a dither, in a sweat, jellyfish, jittery, jumpy, lily-livered, mistrustful, running scared, scaredy-cat, shaky, stiff, suspicious, troubled, uncertain, uneasy, uptight, weak, worried, worried sick about starting your own business in Network Marketing? Still think its too good to be true? I proposition you to find a catch. There are two basic reasons why people have never pursued Network Marketing:

1. never knew about it
2. preconception (usually from someone you know that failed & is disgruntled OR has never been involved themselves)

Do not take on what someone elses experience in Network Marketing because they failed, decide for yourself and make your own decision based on your due diligence, which I encourage.

I hope you gained some knowledge from this article and look forward to hearing back from you about joining forces with me in my Network Marketing Company.

Well, off to the beach I go, its that time of day!

See you at the Top!

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Dedicated to your Success,
Diane Rosolen