The Next Business Experience Only With The Samsung Galaxy S2

The Korean Tech giant company Samsung created a smartphone that was capable of easing the life of many. Samsung’s former flagship evolved to this amazing business smartphone known as the Samsung Galaxy S2. Now, you will be able to experience the next level of Business experience with the Galaxy S2.

With this handset you will be able to assess and access, encrypt, manage, even lock and destroy. This is your skilled office while you are on the road and away from your physical office or your home. Samsung took the big leap by partnering with big IT industry leaders so that they can give you the most important and relevant enterprise solutions and the easy and comprehensive implementation of Exchange ActiveSync. This smartphone is answer to all of your business needs. In addition, this is also adept in security concerns. If you are into serious enterprise usage, then the Galaxy S2 is a must have for you.

You won’t have to worry about accessing your enterprise resources with this handset. This is because it is optimized for safe and secured access on a Microsoft Exchange server. You can stay updated with your calendar, e-mails, task synchronization, and your contacts. It will also give you the best and strongest security MDM or Mobile Device Management of just about any smartphone available today. You will also receive restrictions support with the help of Android ActiveSync clients. With this you will be given real-time communication with your employee phones in order for you to monitor compliance with policies, remotely configure settings, synchronize your data safely, and even lock or wipe your managed phones.

This handset will give you functionality and speed without compromising your mobile data. It boasts a powerful encrypted hardware. With the help of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSynch and Mobile Device management, your business and personal information are always safe.

If you are always on the go, then you will enjoy a reliable and easy to deploy network connectivity all the time. This is whether you are providing access to a virtual desktop session or business e-mail; you will be able to rely on its critical application connectivity.

You will be able to stay connected and attend important meetings even if you are on the go. With its Cisco WebEx support, you will never again miss an important meeting or an important event of your life. You can easily initiate a WebEx meeting by simply choosing and dialing from your contacts’ screen.

All of these and more are just some of the marvelous offerings of the Galaxy S2. This is indeed the next business experience from the Korean Tech Giant Samsung.