Thoughtful Small Business – Amazing Blueprint To Convert Your Knowledge Into Profits

Did you know that small business is the backbone of the economic recovery? Well, it’s true. And instead of risking being an employee of a big corporation that might downsize you anyway, you can make a lot of money sharing your expertise. Yes, that’s right. You are already an expert at some topic where people with disposable income will gladly pay you to learn your secrets. Find the pain of your market, create a viable solution, share it and watch your profits grow for your small business. Keep reading to learn other secrets of converting your knowledge into profits:

1. Get online and actually listen to people complaining. Read trade magazines or professional newsletters to listen to people’s complaints. Their complaints are revealed problems they are eager to have solved in simple and effective ways. If you can solve the problems using your unique expertise, you can make money online.

2. After you are fed up listening to the complaints, write out your solution to alleviate those complaints in brief articles about 400-450 words long. Publish those articles online by using article marketing.

3. Create a delivery system for your solutions to those complaints that is simple and profitable for you. Audio MP3 downloads, PDF reports, and videos will probably be very cost effective because if you make them digital, you can copy them at no material cost to you.

4. Also consider creating CD and DVD packages for your information products because some people prefer solving their problems using those formats. This is another way to provide your expertise for your audience and give them a way to listen to your information as they drive in their cars or go on walks or wherever they might be waiting.

5. Use teleseminars and Webinars to give prospects samples of your expert coaching techniques for solving their problems. A teleseminar is a wise use of your telephone to learn information that solves problems. Webinars are informational seminars done online over the World Wide Web. However you can connect globally with your clients and customers, I would say use those techniques that really work for you and your ideal prospects.

6. Build a list and keep selling to that list. It is easier to retain and resell to customers and clients who already trust you and know you deliver quality in your expertise.

7. Get a coach who can guide you through the process of selling your expertise online. Doing so makes great investment sense in your long-term business success.