What Makes a Website Amazing?

What makes a website amazing? For internet marketers, the website is crucial to their success. It is their shop front, where customers visit and consider purchasing your products. It is how they interact with you, and decide whether they should come back. They will decide to stay and browse, or get out and evacuate the premises. This is a very important consideration for you.

If you are new to internet marketing, this may be a topic difficult to grasp. But in this article, I will simplify this discussion by introducing the concept of a ‘virtual space’. We will consider a few areas of a website that should be focused on to improve your outcomes for your online business. Other aspects of internet marketing such as attracting traffic and monetising visitors will be discussed in other articles.

Allow me to offer you the idea of a ‘virtual space’. This is all a website is, a space online where people can hang out, browse your articles and products, as well as consider buying things. You want to provide them with a comfortable ‘virtual space’ that they enjoy coming to, that they want to spend more time there.

Imagine that you were invited to the opening of a department store. What would make your experience amazing? A personalised welcome at the front door. A cosy environment, with the right lighting, sights and sounds as well as an ambience that you feel relaxed in. A few interesting highlights and sights around the place as you explore this previously unvisited playground.

They provide free samples to test or try products they are interested in. There are a few demonstrations of things you might not have considered buying but realise they are providing great value. They cater for all sorts of people so you would want to consider asking people to join you next time. You feel pampered with the choice and quality of service. Its an unforgettable trip that makes you want to come back for more.

We have all been to department stores. We have also been to a few house warming sessions. We inherently know what makes us want to stay and want to leave. These ideas should be transferred to website design. Take this concept and make your website amazing.

When they get into your website, make them feel welcome there. Do not put a horde of salespeople pushing things at them or blind your visitors with bright colored pop-ups which they have to click on a few times before getting in. Let the colours and sounds in your website relax and soothe them.

The frequent large, grotesque sales banners hitting you in the face as you walk in should be eliminated. Now there are even loud talking people on your website selling while people just want to look around. That puts people off. This virtual space should be a no stress zone.

Provide an interesting space for them to explore. As you become more experienced in internet marketing, the one page websites are no longer helpful. Why should I come back if I have already seen it before? Give them a playground full of things to see and do. But make it navigable so they do not get lost.

It should not be complicated to think about what makes a website amazing. Think about how you want to design your virtual space, and allow your personality and preferences to become your website. Get out there and make your website amazing.

To your success.